Hot Rod Mafia

IOS Game - Ideation - Product Design - Project Manager - Creative & Art Direction - 2013

2 Hammers Studio IOS Game Development & Art Direction by

Hot Rods Mafia, an interactive, social puzzle IOS game developed by 2 Hammers Studio.

”This was a really awesome project for me.”

Hot Rods Mafia - IOS Game Development & Art Direction

Hot Rods Mafia uses unique tactics to not only engage the mind, but entertain in a way that players of most age groups can relate to.

“We wanted to create something that was just as exciting as a racing game, but added a puzzle aspect to exercise the player’s brain simultaneously; I think we’ve come up with something truly original,”

Javier Carías, founder of 2 Hammers Studio.

In addition to its host of features, Hot Rods Mafia also offers a thrilling storyline about a Mafia Don, Frank, and the user’s servitude to him. Players get a taste of the mafia life by racing the clock and the cops, to collect loot and earn the Don’s trust and approval. Coins are earned at the end of each race, according to the time in which the level was completed – these coins can be used to purchase additional levels, more powerful Hot Rods, power-ups, accessories and more. Hot Rods Mafia’s slot machine feature allows players have the opportunity to earn more coins, and other useful extras that make the game even more engaging.

“I designed the app to really pull users into the story, and provoke excitement with its extra content that players earn,” said Carías. “The competitive nature of the game will also encourage everyone to constantly improve their own race time as well as their friends.”

Players’ achievements be shared on social networks, and friends can challenge one another to beat their best rankings in the Game Center.

Hot Rods Mafia - IOS Game Development & Art Direction

(*) This app is no longer available.