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Offering an original and wide colourful collection of modern & contemporary artworks.

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Fine Art – Museum Quality Paper

Fine art papers are intended for high-end printing, they are used in museums and exhibitions given their quality and optimal nature for archiving. Exceeding 100 years without significant changes in color.

A Fine Art Paper is made up mostly of cotton or alpha cellulose. It is lignin-free, pH-controlled and not artificially bleached with chlorine.

A Giclee print on these papers lasts more than 100 years without significant color alterations being perceived. Also often called museum-quality paper.

A fine art paper highlights the composition of the image, since it is the ideal support for intense colors and marked contrasts, allowing a wide range of tones to be captured. 100% cotton and free of acids such as Hahnemühle, which is a German paper manufacturer with 425 years of history.