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The Chromatic Movement. Physical NFT Art Collection By Karim Fuentes.
Karim Fuentes Blockchain Certification


NFT Art in a Physical Frame (Coming Soon).

A permanently treated display. No apps, no fussy configuration; just one video in a perpetual loop, delivering the same experience as art prints, in a beautiful 5″ or 7” display, framed in modern acrylic. Chromatic Movement is a New Media Art Collection created by Karim Fuentes. Certificated and Validated by NFT & Blockchain Technology.

Metacity NFT Collection

An unique 1/1 NFT physical collection. 

This is the first of an ongoing collections series and it only has 22 uniques artworks created and curated since March 2021.

The collection is influenced by a futuristic vision of current information overload projected into the supposedly idyllic of the Metaverse, forcing chaos into a sustainable beauty.


Offering an original and wide colourful collection of modern & contemporary artworks.

Fine Art – Museum Quality Paper

Fine art papers are intended for high-end printing, they are used in museums and exhibitions given their quality and optimal nature for archiving. Exceeding 100 years without significant changes in color.

Beautiful Day by Karim Fuentes
Karim Fuentes. Art, Design,
Fashion & Technology.
Karim Fuentes

Karim Fuentes.

Artist, Entrepreneur, Designer & Awarded Senior Art Director.